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Best Product Deals

Posted on: March 20, 2017 | Posted by: Shihab | Total views: 481 Views

Client: Best Product Deals
Task: Website Design & Development
Used CMS: WordPress

About Best Product Deals:

Basically BestProductDeals is involved with affiliate marketing. Generally they sell Amazon & Vitamin World’s products. They have target to sell their own products in future & I have designed and developed the website as per their all the requirements. This is not only a affiliate website but also an eCommerce website. I used most of the cases JavaScript instead of jQuery for the fast loading of every web-pages. I had more nice game-plan to build-up the website more gorgeously but with the lack of the client’s budget we have to stop the project in a certain period but I assured that the site will be grow more forward in future.

I included WooCommerce and Generally WooCommerce automatically creates some pages & I changed the look of every pages as per the client’s requirements. I integrated the Payment Getaway perfectly. I have included Product-Review system for those clients who purchased the individual product & also included Like or Dislike options for all visitors. Any visitor can hit Like or Dislike any product but only those clients will be able to write a review for a individual product who has purchased the product.

I also have Imported more than 1700 products from their old website including thumbnails, product’s every images, SKUs, prices, etc.

The site is fully responsive for all kinds of devices. You can visit their website here and you will be able to purchase any product via their website.


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